As a Parent, What Should I Stock in My Medicine Cabinet for My Kids?

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It's really important to have things in your medicine cabinet, so you can have them at a moments notice and not have to run to the store. The things that I keep for my kids are bandages in different sizes some that are water proof, some that aren't, sometimes having a character on them can help with the bubu.

I like having some antibiotics ointment available something to clean a wound with whether it is hydrogen peroxide or even just some antibacterial wash. As far as medications go, I really don't like having many medications for kids younger than five, other than acidic medicine and ivy profane, those help with pain, and they also help with fever.

I'm really careful about cold and cough medications in those kids, because they're just not safe, but as kids get older it's nice to have something to calm down their cough, it's always nice to have something that will help them if they get a headache or growing pains or if they sprain an ankle.

So sometimes medications can really be a good idea.