As a Mom, How Can I Find Time to Exercise?

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Finding time to exercise for yourself is vital to keep yourself healthy, but when you exercise, you're also an example for your kids of living healthy and staying active. So one of the ways that you can find time is to involve your kids. After dinner don't turn on the TV, turn on some music and have a dance party, even 15 or 20 minutes, get everybody dancing around, my kids are of all ages, they all participate to the level that they can, and we use everybody's music.

You could also take the kids for a walk, put the kids on a jogging stroller even if you can't jog, take a brisk walk, find a way to bike with your kids, roller blade or if you don't want your kids around, take a walk by yourself. a lot of times, my day doesn't get hectic until I get home from work, and there is no time to get exercise.

So I try to get my exercise in during my work day, I can exercise over my lunch hour, take a walk outside, or try to do some exercises in my office, but really it's little pieces of exercise that are easy to work in. Do some squats in the office, try some yoga stretches, keep some light hand bar belts under your desk, and do some arm work or some shoulder work in between clients or in between cases.

There is always ways that you can work in a little bit of something to keep yourself moving.