What Can I Do About My Bad Teeth?

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Imagine if you enter[sp?] every time, someone looked at you, they are staring at your teeth. Feeling so sub-conscious about your smile that you are unable to laugh, too ashamed to date and too afraid to go for the job you've always wanted. But today you will meet a woman in desperate need of her cutting edge[sp?] mouth make over and I'll reveal the one product you need to keep your smile healthy and white the rest of your life.

As long as I can remember, my teeth have been such an obstacle, and it really affected my self esteem. I had a lot of dental problems when I was younger, I started loosing teeth. My mum did the best that she could but she just couldn't afford proper dental care. When I did go to the dentist, I had horrible experiences.

I had my first root canal at 10 years of age, and that was such a fearful, horrible, painful experience, I went years without seeing a dentist. I look at picture of myself from that point on and see a girl that doesn't smile and even now I'm still self conscious, it really affects every area of my life.

I had difficulty eating, I would like to be dating, but I'm just too self conscious about my teeth. If I were able to fix my teeth, I can't even imagine it, this is going to make me cry. We enlisted the help of doctor Jerry Cure[sp?] Toram[sp?], a renown, restorative and cosmetic dentist.

Our goal, to get Bony her smile back. Hi, Bony. Hello. I'm doctor Kerry[sp?] Toram[sp?]. We are going to do something called a whole mouth dental[sp?] reconstruction. It's not unlike renovating a house, we are going to remove some of the old dental work and then we are going to lay a new foundation.

Bony will be able to eat better and smile with confidence. Please welcome him now, all health expert, as founder of the juvenation dentistry, doctor Jerry Cure Torem[sp?], Welcome Jerry. Thank you, thank you, it's pleasure to be here. You've seen hundreds of folks or even more, who has problems[sp?] of this nature.

How difficult was this case in comparison? What really surprised me about Bony's case was the acceleration of her problems and her mouth became a runaway train. She had decay, gum disease, missing teeth, failing dentistry, crowns falling out, she had the emotional pain of not being able to smile, physical pain not being able to eat and all of this became just it kept going for it.

That's the teeth [xx]. Now, I don't know about you but if my dentist was okay with this, I get a second opinion and we have talked about of the importance of second of pinch on this show, it applies to the dentistry as well. It's sometime even you think you are getting good care, just to get another thought in there might be helpful and might save you a fortune down the road and trying to fix the problems and repair them later on.

So welcome.