How Can a Healthy Smile Affect My Self Confidence?

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What we're restoring in Barney's mouth, is like really restoring an abandoned building, you have to start from the foundation. Beginning, we've removed all the old ganestry like taking out the floor boards, to get in to the decay. Removal of the decay is followed by rebuilding the teeth using a [xx] of [xx], then we placed a bonding material cured it, or hardened it it with a blue light, and then cleaning up the preparations we begin the impression taking.

That's where we place the material on the teeth, the tray goes in the mouth, and that's where the magic really starts. And at this point, it goes to the dental laboratory. And I really have to thank my dental ceramit, master ceramis was Dr. Rossy who made this possible. Fine Italian work, yes.

But this is just a few days ago. Is everybody ready to see Barney's incredible transformation. Yes. You're sure? Well, Barney come on out join us. Blew me away, absolutely fabulous. Absolutely beautiful, Oh my. Thank you. Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you. Let me see, aren't they amazing? They're spectacular.

Come join us. Harry, it's so good to see you smile. It's great to smile. I was looking over that footage I never saw you smile. How do you feel? I feel incredible. I feel like a brand new person. I am a brand new person. I feel like I can express my joy, for better. So, how is the woman in this picture back here with the teeth she is embarrassed to show, different from the ones she has to me now? You know I would like to someday marry.

So, now I like to start dating perhaps, and friends of mine would say, why don't you go online, put your picture online, and I would be like, have you ever seen a picture of me? Well, I have now. Now, I really want to get started on that. Anything bunny, bunny on line? I will let you be bunny online.

Alright, back to [xx], not anybody can handle the extensive of repaired Donegal Co Dostal. Kudos to the entire team for making this happen. But not everyone can get us an extensive repair. So, for the folks that either aren't quite there yet, or you're going that way, but you may want to reverse it.

You got a secret weapon I understand. I did a lot of research, and I found a secret weapon from a little berry in the Tibetan Himalayas, it's called sea bark thone oil. It is one of the richest of sources of omega fatty acids, it's loaded with Vitamin E, it's anti-inflammatory. You can use this oil actually just rub it on your gums.

No, I have never use it before. I will vouch for it and again let's see. How do you get to say gift by the way? I look for natural remedies that really have profound affects. You really have to feed your smile. Decay and gum disease, a lot of that is redid in nutritional deficiencies that exist in the mouth.

How do you like it? I love this. It's good, it's delicious. You can even use in our lips, and comes in a drink that you can use. If you get in a drink like you put alcohol how does it work? I've never used in a mixed drink. So, what do you think? Cheers, to your smile. Congratulation. Thank you.

What a great choice, Dr. [xx], thank you so much for making Bernny's[sp?] dream come true, Bernny's[sp?] festive line. We'll be right back.