What Exercises Will Improve the Shape of My Butt and Thighs?

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When you're talking about improving the shape of the buttock size, you real want to focus on large muscle group exercises. What we call multi-joint exercises. A lot of times when when with this type of body shape, a pair shape body, will think that lying on their side during million legless is going to be effective.

No they want to do exercises that really use a lot of lower body muscular torso. And lunges and step up. There's a lots of variations of these moves probably hundreds of variations of these moves but they use basically the entire low body at the same time. So not only are working basically every muscle on the lower body, you're also raving up your metabolism, because those muscles need energy.

Those muscles square/g out for calories. So the more of them you work, the more calories you burn the more you're toning. So it's a real powerful one to punch.