How Can I Boost My Metabolism With a Five-Minute Workout?

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Alright we all know Geralyn Coopersmith The five minute metabolisim boosting workout no matter what your body type is. Get us going we'll talk bout it later. Alright we are going to start pretty easy getting our heart rate up to immerse fast feet, and we are moving. And more so we can move our legs, the more that we can move our arms, the harder it's going to get you.

If want to start work it up to almost a 100% of your intensity really going, are you breathing? I'm breathing heavy.Now guess what we are going to go into we call an active recovery and this move we're doing is called plank and saw, so you want to try it again into a plank position really hold that plunk position.

Abs have strong , butt strong and really drive from your toes, and this is working believe it or not your abs, it's also going to help do a lot of flexibility in your calves which most of us need. Alright, when we come up grab our weights actually, we're going to do a full body workout that involves a squats, qualified press, squat, press.

Now this is a move that actually increases muscle it helps us put down muscle tissue, the more muscle tissue you have, the more metabolically active you'll be in your entire life. Keep going. Then why is it this can burn too many calories what's your metabolism? Yeah we found studies are showing that aerobic workouts really do a tone two coming back to that plunking to help us rave up our metabolism and it's not just about doing aerobic.

It's about anaerobic work as well. I've learn this is really fascinating everybody, if you endure a little bit of this breathy exercise really pushed up five minutes with some of this active relaxing to catch your breathe, taking a stroll in between will burn more calories all day long, not just why we're doing it but the rest of the day whenever lost at night had you're burning calories.

Absolutely, now we're going use something called a wide out, and it's in and out almost like a jump rope and you can move arms with it, you can pump arms, that's it and this move again it's anaerobic workout really getting the heart rate, feel it? I feel it I'm going to run for the door.

Keep going, keeping on almost there.we are going to go back down, we going to go to the plank again. I have remembers this. I know why they call it the saw, the plank and saw. Plank and saw, it's really a challenge for that core. It's a great thing to reverse the partial problems most of us have, and last to come on up.

Alright we are going to take it from the top. Then we will go through the entire thing again.okayAlright so we are starting with that speed? Half way there now, we are more than half way for doing this. Can I get some help back there. Help me it's working, it's working. I don't mean that kind of help, help me.

I don't mean to pause, I mean somebody help me do this. Anybody can applaud. Oh my, if you can talk a lot and them guys you need to work harder. The idea that getting breath like that speeds up your metabolism. That's right. Allows you to build the abit of muscle. Yeah, at the same time and so we are not just burning more calories during work-out minute to minute we are actually burning more calories throughout the day.

This is some of this work-out have been shown to be more effective than running for an hour. Is that right? Honestly, that's pretty incredible stuff, so for those of us who do not have an hour, you got five minutes. Alright you ready back down for that saw again? No, lets 10 more seconds of this things, you are felling good now, you are feeling good.

That is fun you're right. more than an hour running. I can do this all day now. Alright. We're almost done. Holy Moses. Had we had a maniac. How much time do we have left? One minute left guys. Come on guys, last one, last one, let's go. Five, four, three, two oneWe did it, thank you so much Enjoy your ride guys.