Which Spices Are Good Sources of Antioxidants?

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We have so many spices and they definitely spice up our food but it turns out they can spice our brains too they are potent antioxidants so what happens as we age our brains undergo oxidative stress so there is this chemical reactions because we're interior on our brain cells and eating antioxidant like spices will decrease that stress on the brain.

Cinnamon is great antioxidants spice, oregano, vanilla bean there are just so many of them, one I particularly like is cooking them or in curry powder. It turns out that in India the rate of Alzheimer's disease is much lower than in the United States. They eat a lot of curried foods.

People who eat Indian food frequently do better on memory test. For a basic scientist, have also found that curcumin seems to be an anti-inflammatory, and breakup the sticky amyloid plaques in the brain. We're doing a study right now, where we are going to see whether high potency curcumin can actually prevent Alzheimer's, and prevent the build up of that sticky amyloid in the brain.