What Are Supermarket-Shopping Suggestions for Avoiding Bacteria?

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The supermarket like many places in our lives is full of germs and bacteria, unfortunately, but there are ways that you can avoid it so for example when you grab your shopping cart. There are certain covers that you can put on top, and if you have a little baby who's sitting in that compartment it might be a good idea to get one of those cloth covers so that it's yours and no one else is touching it.

Because you know, that your broccoli might end up touching the baby's butt who was actually in the cart before you grabbed the carts, so wise to use one of those things if you have it. And then what I do after I touch things, sometimes things are really dirty. I grabbed a bunch of [xx].

Dirt was all over my hands, I always carry hand sanitizer with me. So that's a really smart thing to keep in your purse or your bag and another good idea is to buy your meats and everything perishable at the end of your trip. So get all the dry goods first. I mean fruits and vegetables are fine for the hour that you're in the store but get the meat, get anything that's frozen, anything that might defrost, and then if you are going to be doing something else after you go grocery shopping, always bring a freezer pack with you.

So especially if you're in hot weather, that's going to keep things colder longer. You don't want to fall to the danger zone which is between 40 and 140 degrees. So you want to keep those cold foods cold, and hot food hot.