What Are Some Healthy Choices at Chinese Restaurants?

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Believe it or not the best thing to order from Chinese takeout is the beef with vegetables and oyster sauce, oyster sauce is actually the lightest Chinese sauce that's used. It's made from boiling down oysters which I know sounds kind of crazy but it's not a fishy sauce at all and that dish has a ton of vegetables in it, so if you don't have any rice at all, it's less than 300 calories but if you do choose rice, go for brown rice and then only use half of it and if it's takeout then it comes with little packages and just take half of it out keep the rest for later or throw the rest away and you're only adding another 100 calories if it's half a cup of brown rice and then look for other stir fry dishes if beef in oyster sauce is not your thing look for the oyster dishes and avoid the noodle dishes they do tend to be very, very heavy on the calories.

My favorite trick for eating less when you are at a Chinese restaurant or eating Chinese takeout at home is to skip the fork, kick the folk aside and use chop sticks. Even if you're not good at eating with chop sticks, in fact especially if you are not very skilled with them you will end up eating more slowly and when you eat more slowly you will end up eating less because it actually allows your brain time to register that you're getting full, and also another benefit of eating with chop sticks is that you're going to leave a lot of the sauce behind and that means less Sodium and pure calories for you.