What Are Good Sources of Folate?

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Folate is a really important B vitamin and you can find it in many different foods. You can find it in fortified cereals things like raisin bran you can also find it in oranges, orange juice, asparagus, spinach, and also in peanuts and it's kind of, it has across the board benefit.

It's an extremely important for pregnant women because it reduces the risks of neural tube defects. And it's also important for the heart and it's also vital for making Serotonin. And Serotonin is the neuro transmitter that sends a signals to the brain for us to feel pleasure and us to feel happy.

So if you want a little snacks in the afternoon, that is going to make you fell better, you can go with an ounce of roasted unsorted peanuts and then maybe add in a couple of air pop popcorn to gives your brains an extra boost of seratonin.