How Should I Buy Food in Bulk If I Want to Be Healthy?

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Buying food in bulk can be a really smart thing to do if you're trying to eat healthy and also to save money, but you have to be sort of careful and strategic about how you buy it. So it's great to buy grains and legumes, and things like dried fruits in bulk and then what I do is that I bring it home and I put it into glass containers or another type of container that have a lid on it.

And for example if it's couscous I would actually put the directions for how to cook the couscous on that container and also the date that I bought it. So that you know that couscous hasn't been sitting around on your couple of shelves for a year. And then when you buy things say in a big bag it can be very tricky, because say I want to buy pretzels and I like to snack on pretzels, it's a low fat snack, but if I open the big bag of pretzels I might eat half of that bag or the entire bag, but if you have a little self control what you can do is buy the big bag which saves you money.

It's much cheaper than buying the individual size bag and then just put them in portion controlled zip top bags and this also works well for nuts, maybe carrots things like that, and then you just package them up on whatever day you have some free time, maybe a Sunday, maybe it's Friday, and then you have them throughout the week.