How Do I Make Healthy Choices in a Mexican Restaurant?

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Mexican foods is so tasty but there are a lot of high calorie traps there. I think the number one thing is the chips. The chips in the sauce and sometimes they are free. So who doesn't like that right? But the problem is, especially when we are really hungry we tend to eat too many of those chips and generally they are fried, and they are also heavily salted.

So I would say skip the chips, but keep the guav/g and keep the salsa/g and you use those with your meal. And then as far as the meal goes the best thing to order for Mexican is the fajita whether it's the steak fajita or the chicken or the shrimp you're getting very, very lean meat it's generally grilled and for the steak, it's usually [UNKNOWN] stake which is a very lean cut and then you're just getting sauteed peppers and onions which help you feel very full but they're really, really low in calories and then instead of using all three tortillas that the meal comes with just use one and you can keep the meal to less than 500 calories.