How Can I Save Money at the Grocery Store?

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There are tones of ways today to save money at the grocery store. Number one again, I've said this before I'm going to say it again is to shop from a list, because when you have a list, and you actually stick to it, that means that you're not being enticed by all the goodies at the store, and all the en-caped specials and all of the things that the store uses to get you to buy more.

So going with the list is number one. Also of course using coupons and these days people don't even necessarily get a circular. I know that I don't get a circular to get coupons from, but you can go online search for the products that you'd like to buy and you can find coupons that way. There also tones of blogs and websites dedicated to saving money at the grocery stores so check those out. And then one thing that you can do is to buy in bulk and that is really great for things like grains, legumes, dried lentils things like that, but do watch out for the cereals that you can buy in bulk, things like granola and some kinds of snacks mixes because they don't actually have to they can tell you what the ingredients are, but they don't have to actually give you a nutrition facts panel for those items, so you may end up buying something that's way more caloric than you had planned to do.