How Can I Resist Buying Unhealthy Foods While Grocery Shopping?

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My biggest tip regarding grocery store shopping is to go with a list. You don't have to 100% stick to it, but it is going to give you, sort of, a map, a road map. When you go into the store you can target everything around the perimeter, the dairy, the meats, the fresh produce, get all that stuff and then after you've gotten all of that, then you go down the aisles with the cereals and the snack foods, but again, sticking to your list and that is going to keep you healthy, and make sure that you're not putting things in your cart that you don't really need.

And when you're walking down those grocery aisles, be careful where you look. Stores pay extra money for the prime real estate which is right at your eye level, they also pay more for what's at your child's eye level. So they're going to put all of the really yummy looking cereals and cookies and not so great for you items at their level, and then what's at your eye level, you have to really pick and choose, it may be healthy, it may not be, but look above and below the eye level for the smaller companies who don't have the money for that really expensive real estate and that might be your healthiest choice.