How Can I Eat Healthy During the Holidays?

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The holidays can be a real struggle as far as sticking to a healthy eating and fitness plan, but there are definitely tricks that you can use to get through the holidays without gaining any unwanted pounds. When you go to a holiday party, definitely, definitely pick up a plate and use the smallest plate that they have, sometimes there is the dessert plate and the dinner plate, grab the dessert plate.

The reason why you want to put your food on a plate it is because, if you are just standing at the buffet table, snacking, you really have no idea how much food you have consumed, but the plate gives you a visual queue and you can see, okay. Well, I have eaten everything on my plate, and then it will actually slow you down and you can take a moment to consider whether you want to go back for more, and then a lot of it, overindulge a little bit with the booze during the holidays, sometimes that's due to peer pressure, sometimes that's just due to general holiday stress, but I recommend that if you are going to drink, to drink no more than one alcoholic beverage an hour and to have a glass of water in between each of those and then the holidays can just, we can fall into bad patterns, so maybe you have gotten on a healthy eating path, but you used to be an unhealthy eater maybe when you lived back home, and when you go back home and stay with your family, you kind of fall into those bad habits, so really talk to your family before hand, make sure there will be healthy options on hand, sometimes families they're stubborn abut that kind of thing, so if you have to, you can bring some of your own food, and obviously you want to take part in the holidays with the rest of the family, but at least you know that you have some fall back items.