How Can I Eat Fewer Calories When Eating Out?

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OK when you're eating out, if you're trying to sort of rein in how much you're eating, the thing that I do is I actually ask my weight person to take away half of my order. So they take it away, they box it up, I can bring it home with me, or give it to friend but then I'm left with half of the meal, but I'm not missing anything.

I'm enjoying what's there, and I'm going to finish the entire thing. But remember, it's only half another quick tip, if you're somebody who tends to overdo it on the bread before the meal because you're so hungry or you just really like bread, have them either take it away or or take one piece and then push it to the side, Ivan will take it sometimes and put it on the bench over here so that it's out of sight and out of mind.