Why Are Hemorrhoids Common During Pregnancy?

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Hemorrhoid are very very common in pregnancy but let me tell you what a hemorrhoid is in the first place. A hemorrhoid is the name of the vein that actually comes from the illness. When it is a hemorrhoid? Like we described it a hemorrhoid is actually a varicose vein inside the anus that actually gets inflamed and it becomes very uncomfortable.

It is very common in pregnancy because the weight of our babies with the amniotic fluid and the placenta puts extra pressure on that vein making them more inflamed. And so what happens is the valves don't work very well so they actually protrude out, they can be very very painful especially when you go to the bathroom and they can actually bleed as well.

They are a lot of great remedies out there some of them are over the counter and some of them are by prescription and there are a couple of home remedies also. All you have to do is ask your doctor.