What Lubricants Are Best to Treat Vaginal Dryness?

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These are my suggestions for the lubricants that you can use to treat your vaginal dryness. I like things that are silicon based in other words things that are thicker that it can't leave a residue so that you know however, it does last longer as opposed to water based lubricants with really dissipate with nothing. If you wrap it between your fingers and you see that it dissipates, and you have nothing left, that means it's a little bit too thin and it won't do its job, most importantly it wont last, and then you have to reapply and that kind to cuts the mood if you get what I'm saying. So most importantly I like lubricants that don't have anyspecial staff, less is definitely more for example, warming sensation anything with aloe in it, anything that's not supposed to belong there perfumes, flavors, and things like that, please do not use them, that can cause a really big irritation in the vagina in which ofcourse then you would want to have sex.