What Is an Ovarian Cyst?

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I can't tell you how many of you girls come to my office complaining of Ovarian Cyst. Let's try to go over what is exactly an Ovarian Cyst. This is a proper definition. Cyst are anything that is filled with fluid, specifically in an Ovarian Cyst is a rounded entity, filled with fluid which is an immature egg that's in your ovary, so an Ovarian Cyst is the same thing as an immature egg which is the same thing as inferical so all that terminology is all the same.

You were born with five million eggs in each ovary, by the time you get your first period you have about 250,000 in each ovary. So that means you've 250,000 Ovarian Cyst that's heck of a lot isn't? I thought so with that said an Ovarian Cyst is not anything wrong with you, it's not even a condition it's actually something very very normal, each and every month which is ovulation one Ovarian Cyst gets bigger and that sometimes causes a little bit of pain and on one side it can cause in one month and on the next month it will cause it on the other side , and that's absolutely normal that discomfort, we actually have a name for it which is called mittelschmerz and believe or not that's the most common complaint that I have, but remember again that is a normal process and each and every month you grow one Ovarian Cyst bigger and that immature egg think it's released and that is ovulation.