What Is an Orgasm?

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The definition of an orgasm everybody always wants to know. The definition of the orgasm is the physical response to sensation, and that really begins in the vagina with lubrication. The vagina gets engorged, and we lube a little bit more and the clitoris also gets engorged with blood, and the hood of the clitoris is also retracted after which it culminates into contractions of the vagina, and that's what the definition of an orgasm is, at least that's the physical response of it.

Remember there's also an emotional response to the orgasm. What we always portray in the media as this hot and heavy screaming epidemic of pleasure might not always be for everyone. And it's really a very different and discrete time whereby the sensation of pleasure really meets the combination.

It's kind of like your orchestration of what an orgasm is. It's a combination of the emotion and the physical. Okay, and the combination of that pleasure. So always remember that just because the media does portray it in one way, doesn't necessarily mean that you are going to have that same experience but any kind of experience should be a positive one.