What Are the Possible Risks of Using an Intrauterine Device (IUD)?

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Possible risks of using an IUD is; A Perforation, which means putting a hole in the uterus upon insertion. This is a very very rare phenomenon and most likely it does not happen but it only happens at insertion. I know a lot of you guys have said with the IUD floats everywhere it can leave your body, it really really does not leave the uterus.

That's a very, very much a myth. Most importantly, the other possible complication of using an IUD is Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Unfortunately gonorrhea and chlamydia because there is a string that does lay in the vagina can go up that string into the device and infecting your tubes and your ovaries.

That is why it's very, very important to use any kind of protection, and the same holds true with the birth control pill. You're not at an increase risk because you use your IUD, you're at an increase risk if you do not use protection.