What Are Some Common Misconceptions About Intrauterine Devices (IUD)?

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Some common misconceptions about using IUD is that it can lead to infertility, and also it should only be used for women that have had babies before. Well I'm here to dispel those myths first of all every woman can use it as long as you're a willing person to do it, the IUDs nowadays is not like your grandmother's and your mother's IUD in the past whereby they're smaller and they're easier to insert. Depending upon your lifestyle this is actually the most perfect and reversible and effective type of birth control. And let me address the other misconception that you have to have babies before while it's easier to put in the IUD when you have had a multiporous uterus as we call it or a little bit bigger size uterus, it's actually quite easy because IUDs are just much more smaller than they were years and years and years ago, so it is depending upon again you're willing person and depending upon your lifestyle it could be an excellent form of contraception.