How Is an Ovarian Cyst Treated?

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So now that we have reviewed all there is to know about ovarian cyst, how do we treat it? Believe it or not, there is no treatment. This is a normal process that you do each and every month. If you have chronic complains of pain felt, there is a way to stop ovulation which is the thing that usually causes the pain and remember, ovulation is when the cyst actually gets bigger then you actually release it as the egg, okay.

So in other words birth control pills, or any other birth control that stops ovulation will help with the pain. But also remember it never stops your ovarian cyst from forming. Remember you were born with five million ovarian cyst, and they still continue to be there, while you're still not mate and perhaps ovulating but it's still there.

I want you to know that that's a normal process as well.