How Does Sexual Libido Change In Women As They Age?

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Sexual libido changes in women as we age. It kind of figures out that in our early 20's we have a lot of libido, not a lot of worries or anything else like that. Remember as I always tell my patients, libido 90% of it comes from up here only 10% of it comes from down there. So with that said, as we do age we're more worried, we're more stressed, and we're also dividing ourselves up into mums and our jobs, and everything else along with it and caretakers as you already know.

One of the things that we have an expectation also is when you have a long term relationship, that sex kind of takes the second, the back seat so to speak. And the reason being is because you prefer more of a hug and some understanding rather than getting down and dirty. With that said though, sexual libido and also sex is a very important aspect of any kind of relationship and again it is very, very important to have some communication between the both of you.