How Do Vaginal Lubricants Treat Vaginal Dryness?

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Vaginal lubricants are the simplest solution to vaginal dryness, but not all lubricants are created the same. There are some lubricants that are really more water based and anything and they dissipate quickly as opposed to silicon lubricants which tend to like last a little bit longer. How do you know the difference?

That's really easy, take the actual lubricant if you rub it in between your fingers and pretty soon you have nothing in between them, that means it's a little bit too thin is probably not going to last you long. Not only that it's not going to even help you with your problem, but a lubricant that you rub in between your fingers and it feels thicker and smoother, those are the types of lubricants that you want to get. Vaginal lubricants are very easy to use. I would want you to take a old applicator if you have one, fill it up with the lubricant and pop it into the vagina. Also remember you can use some of the lubricant on the sharps of the penis as well so that they can make it easy for you to have intercourse.