How Are Uterine Fibroids Treated?

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Uterine fibroids can be treated in a variety of ways. The first of all going from all the way to the conservative to the most aggressive treatment. Some of things that I have reviewed with my patients is lifestyle and how old they are and again the location of those fibroids. With that said, the most conservative treatment is usually putting you on birth control pills.

We can also do what we call myomectomies which actually mean that we actually just remove the fibroid from the uterus. You have an option of doing it laparoscopically or by actually opening up the belly and actually removing them from the uterus. Even so those are two operations that are also available.

As well as, believe it or not, uterine artery embolization what that means is that we actually cut off the blood supply to the whole uterus, making the fibroids not only stable but they actually shrink in nature. It's a nice alternative to surgery and it will last you a lifetime. Unfortunately, if you do opt for one of those things, that option you cannot have any more children.

Lastly, the most aggressive treatment is to do a hysterectomy. Remember a hysterectomy does not mean that it's also the removal of your ovaries. The hysterectomy only refers to the removal of usually your cervix, the uterus, plus your fibroids. Most women it's a wonderful option for most women that are through with their child bearing.

So it's something for you to discuss with your physician as to what is the better option for you.