Does a Miscarriage Affect the Ability to Conceive Again?

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A miscarriage doesn't necessarily affect your ability to become pregnant again, but it does depend on the reason. For example, if it is a chromosomal abnormality which by the way 75% of pregnancies do end up as doing that, believe it or not your risk is not increased just like any other ordinary person.

However, if you have any blood problems for example there are people that are more added increased risks for having clots that they make microscopic clots and that affects the placenta, unfortunately they are at an increased risk of miscarrying again. Chronic disease is just a diabetes and high blood pressure also can lead to miscarriages and that's something that unfortunately you can get better but might not decrease necessarily your incidence of having a miscarriage.

Also, the shape of the uterus can also lead to the recurrence of miscarriages especially if it's not corrected. Remember, we consider women that have recurrent miscarriages if you have two or more and therefore you get your work out with your physician. It is important that you keep track of all of these things.