What Is Pterostilbene?

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One of my favorite antioxidants is Pterostilbene. Now it's in the same family that antioxidant that we get in red wine but it does better job because it gets into the cells and across it crosses the blood brain barrier which means, not only is it good for extending your life and heart disease and diabetes and cancer and all the other wonderful functions of anti-oxidants but it also helps with brain function.

And the studies are showing that it improves memory and improves cognitive functioning and this is one of the anti-oxidants that actually done studies in humans versus animals and it's highly effective. Where you can get Pterostilbene still being, well that's a lot of different things.

It could be blueberries, we love those blueberries, peanuts and cranberries. And there is a few other berries that you may or may not have heard of like sparkle berries, I just like the name sparkleberrys. I like to say it but they are in the family [XX] berry so they have plenty of Pterostilbene.

You can also take a supplement. So if you can't get any of this fruit groups. It's about 50- 250 milligrams a day. 50 milligrams is based on someone who is 160 pounds. So if you weigh more than that you can sort of titrate it up.