What Is Chicoric Acid?

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One of my favorite antioxidants is chicoric acid, I call it the stress buster. They've done studies on this wonderful antioxidant and it seems that not only does it help you feel better like the other ones, it can heart disease diabetes, but it also raises no transmitter levels, those are the happy chemicals like dopemine and serotonin and it lowers , the stress hormone cortisol.

So that's really exciting news because it can act like an antidepressant, a natural one, and it can also help you with stress related problems like muscleaches, or headaches, or insomnia. I personally take dandelion root. I take about 30 drops of it and put it into my tea or my water and I have it everyday.

You can also fight it in chicri or chicory root which can be a stocking/g substitute on the ground up very delicious, you can throw in some [xx] almond milk that's a great coffee substitute without the caffeine. Caveat/g, if you're pregnant avoid Chicory root because the can cause you during contractions so you're better off with the dandelion root.

The other thing that you can do is use basil you can just throw that in all your foods any time you want.