What Is C3G?

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C3G is a wonderful anti-oxidant I call it the fat booster. It does many different things that helps in, cancer diabetes, heart diseases brain function, but what I love it for is for fat metabolism. It has the ability to affect gene expression of fat metabolism by turning off the gene that stores fat and turning on the gym that metabolizes fat, so even with a high fat diet studies are finding the C3G for anti-oxidant keeps that fat from being stored and allows an individual to be more lean.

When you think about C3G think about dark pigment red, blue or black fruits, vegetables, fruits so that could be black gray, black pink it could be even red onion, bilberries, black berries, flat carrot physically anything that has that dark pigment will have some C3G in it. I like to stick with the black [xx] and the blue berries and of course for the food groups the black rice and the black beans.