What Is Energy Balance?

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A balanced state of energy is an optimum state of health. See our bodies don't heal the way we were taught, we were taught in school that our bodies healed through chemicals and bio-chemicals and we know that that model today is considered pretty much better obsolete. We know that bodies heal through frequency, vibration, resonance, vibratory informational exchange and lights, it's been shown that our DNA in this levels of life, when our health, when our balance is down, that light is actually showing more dimly when our health is coming back up, that light is coming back up.

Re connective healing allows us to optimize the level of light that we emit and if we return to that vibration of light, something inside of us, says I remember this, this is me vibrating it's light. I'll do it again, in anything denser, anything heavier than light has very little left to hold to, so if appropriate for you, as appropriate for you, those densities, those health challenges, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual simply fall away and when those densities fall away, we have returned doing our natural state of balance and yet almost contradicting it, we'll return to our natural state of balance those densities fall away.