Why Is Regular Sleep Important with Migraine?

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It's important in migraine to as much as possible make everyday the same, and what that means is that you go to sleep at the same time and you wake up at the same time. So sleep and migraine is not just an issue of not getting enough sleep, staying up too late, say pulling in all night if you're in college, it's also sleeping in on the weekends.

Patients who sleep an extra three hours in the weekend will get a migraine typically. So you want think about again having the same amount sleep, same time every day and the longest line either a natural thing that I suggest to my patients or have the same amount of coffee at the same time everyday, I don't for example recommend they eliminate caffeine, there's actually a lot of data that caffeine and moderation in form of coffee, not in the form of energy drinks let's say, but that caffeine in moderation is associated with decreased risk of Parkinson's, of Alzheimer's, so I don't advise patients to stop it, I just explain now you can't skip your morning coffee if you typically have it every day, because then you get a migraine.