Can Migraine Cause Death?

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[MUSIC] Now migraine cannot cause death. When somebody is having a severe migraine it can feel like you're dying, you can feel like something is pushing out your eye ball, or that your head is going to explode, but it's not actually happening. Part of the reason it's important to establish good care with a neurologist or headache specialist is so that you already have a backup plan for when you get a severe migraine that your typical treatments are not working for.

And patients should have a backup medication essentially. Some people call this a rescue medication, I actually prefer not to use the term. I think that makes migraine patients sound like even more victims than they really are. You can have control over your disease and you should make sure when you leave your doctor's office but again you have a backup plan.

Some clinics allow patients to come in at that day for additional treatment if necessary but as much as possible I think it's advisable to avoid urgent care or emergency room because when you go to an emergency room, they don't know you. They often re-invent the wheel and will subject you to a CAT scan because from their standpoint, this patient is having a severe headache and I don't know anything about them, and often patients are not given the best treatment their is a lot of literature that OPR products are not beneficial on migraine, and they cause long term problems of actually worsening pain.

They numb the pain temporarily, but they don't treat the underlying pathological processes causing the migraines. So a patient will often go into an emergency room and will get Vicodin let's say, or an IV narcotic and they make them temporarily feel better but often when they go home the migraine comes back.