What Are the Main Senses That Babies Use?

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Infants are much more aware of the world around them than we used to think. Walk us through their key senses Evelyne. Babies use all of their senses right from the beginning. The sense of smell helps them recognize their mothers in the first minutes of life. Sound gets transmitted in utero/g and- So that's one of the reasons you should read to your baby while you're still pregnant.

Absolutely, the baby can hear your voice. So reading, providing a constant monologue where the dialogue will come after delivery. How about taste? Taste is very important. A baby can recognize their own mother's breast milk just from the beginning, and prefer that over formula or other mother's breast milk.

And touch? Touch is part of the baby and parents bonding, with great data that we have on attachment from the first moments of life that comes through that touch, and we want lots of cuddling and touch, happening in the first year of life. There's no such thing as too much touch with respect to cuddling in nature.