How Do I Talk to My Mom About Taking Birth Control Pills?

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Talking to your mum about birth control pills does not mean you have to say to your mum, guess what? I'm doing it. In fact many girls on birth control pills are choosing not to have sex. So it maybe worth reminding her of other things you're doing right in your life, the choices that you make, and also about how you want to address any medical concerns that the birth control pill can help.

That includes menstrual cramps, menstrual migraines, regulating your periods, making them more predictable, keeping them from not going too long, or going through it frequently either way, birth control pills can help. It also can be a great opportunity to clarify your values and to share them out loud with your parents, especially with your mother and speaking as a mum and it's worthwhile hearing from them, what are their dreams and goals for you.

So it's a great door to open up for interesting conversation.