How Do Babies Learn to Communicate?

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Why are babies often thought of as dolphins? Babies can ping you or their environment just as a dolphin uses that sound system of pinging to make contact with their environment. What that means is a baby will make natural sounds and you will respond back with the ones that make sense to you, so for instance.

An American baby will ping and say, uh ah, ba ba ba ba ba, ma ma ma ma and the mother will say ma ma ma ma ma, and be excited and the baby learns. That one was a good one, let's do more of that, and if you have a baby in a different culture where different sounds are heard, babies will know that the ones pinged in those sounds get a better response from the parent and they'll do more of those sounds.

That's how babies develop the interactive language by responding to you just as you respond to them. So, it's that response they ping you. If you respond to them, then they give you back and it keeps going so they find out what actually gives them signals back. Exactly. And if your response is a yell, or a yelp, or a scream, they'll learn from that as well.

Just like other mammals, monkeys will learn to jump from the snake if they see their mother reacting with fear, they learn that pretty darn quickly. It gets hard wired very fast. With babies, if your response is a happy one with happy noises back in motherese that little sing song kind of voice, that's how kids can learn fastest.

And there's some beauty in rhyming in mother goose style words because babies actually develop mentally, learn the sounds better when they can respond to those pleasant noises.