What Increases My Risk for Skin Cancer?

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What increases your risk for skin cancer is largely your lifestyle, you first need to know what are the risk factors for skin cancer and mainly it's sun damage, we all know that. So if you are a professional athlete or a very active athlete or running out in the sun all the time you really need to modify that risk factor, and wear sun protection, or go running or play tennis very early in the morning or late in the day.

So you want to avoid that midday sun no matter what you do. Intentional sun tanning is also a risk factor. So tanning salons are very dangerous for your body but also going for to the beach for a week and lying out all day long it's not great for your body. So limit your sun exposure again from intentional sun exposure.

Family history is a really big one especially for melanoma and we are learning, more and more and more about the genetics of skin cancers. So if you know of a lot of people in your family who have melanoma, or basal cell cancer or squamous cell cancer. You need to put that risk on you, as well you need to know that you also probably are at risk.

Not always but it's often and again the classic skin cancer person like myself has fair skin, light eyes, light hair and grew up out in the sun all the time. However people with brown eyes, brown hair and brown skin are also at risk for skin cancer. In my practice I do about 20% of my surgeries every year are on people with dark skin.

So modify you lifestyle recognize what your risk factors are and help protect yourself from sun damage, and other unnecessary risk for skin cancer. And lastly the most important thing that you can do to prevent skin cancer or actually to catch it early is see your dermatologist once a year over the age of 18 we always recommend you go once per year.