What Are the Symptoms of Skin Cancer?

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Cancer symptoms can be very subtle you might not have any symptoms it maybe a very quit little nob that is still growing and growing but it catch your attention that's something is changing right there. So, that idea that something is changing is very important especially as an adult.

We do get new spots as we age and not every new spot is a skin cancer so don't be too scared about that, but do pay special attention to when something is new and growing on your skin. Classic signs and symptoms of skin cancer could be a little itching of a certain spot, that means it might be growing, it could bleed for example if a man shaves everyday and the same spot bleed, that can happen.

My patients tell me if they blow their nose, a little further on their nose bleeds, that's a sure sign of skin cancer, so definitely show that to your doctor. Skin cancers tend not to be too painful, unless they are getting larger and larger and encroaching on a nerve. So pain in that area is a pretty serious sign and you should definitely see your doctor.

You can feel your own neck, to see if you have any bumps in there, if you feel lumps that are kind of firm, that's a sign of a deeper cancer and you should definitely be checked very soon, don't wait three months. If you can't get into your doctor, right away find a new doctor to see.

So, skin cancer sometimes again, something that's new and growing, something that's itching a little bit. Classic is something that's bleeding a bit. And anything that gets you feel kind of pain in the area, or lumps, or bumps in the area so those signs are very important.