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Okay the next rule as we are burning is to know he truth about water proof. Can you really get something that's truly water proof that was there in your body? There is no such thing as water proof or at least we can't prove it right? So now the FDA says water resistance and sweat resistance are what the label should say.

That means it's going to be a little bit stickier. It's gonna stay on your skin even when your skin is wet or sweaty and it's gonna last little longer. What you'll notice on the new labels is water resistance or sweat resistance, 40 minutes or 80 minutes. That mean this need to be reapplied every 40 minutes or every 80 minutes, right? So here we have Neutrogena's sheer and free baby.

It's not just for babies, it's for all of us but it's gentle enough for babies. So if you've sensitive skin, this is great for you. You can do me a- [LAUGH] I'll exchange the favor. This is 50 Plus and that tells you that they think it actually is better than a 50. It goes on a little bit more sheer than last one.

It also says tear free on a label and that means athletes especially put it on your face or little kids put it on your face if they gets in your eyes it's not gonna sting and it's great because then we get to protect the area around our eyes. This is the best for kid then for sure.

It's wonderful for kids and adults.