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To avoid burning don't be fooled by high SPF why is that such a big deal why does SPF lie to us? SPF means Sun Protection factor, I wonder how many people actually know SPF means. An SPF math can the daunting, so don't even try to add up the numbers like 15 plus 15 does not equal 30 with SPF so you really want to go, I know it's impossible so what you really wanna to do is take SPF 30-50 that's your sweet spot and your label here and the SPF means instead if you were to put on an SPF of 10 you could stay in the sun 10 times longer without getting a sunburn so that's again telling that you can go out and stay in the sun a little bit longer without getting sunburn, and hopefully now without getting sun tanned.

And what's your favorite high SPF product? So you'll see SPF 50, that's the maximum number that the FTA will allow testing to be done right now, okay so SPF 50 is really the highest number this is a clears think it going to go on nice and thick and again this is to teach you that the FTA loves, I like how you give me talking to do my son that turns greats This is not goof enough for you and entire of your body, you really want to use like a shot glass of this, but let's talk a wife how it goes, here we go.

We're getting to know each other really well, SPF 50 deep or you really want to put it on nice and thick and believe you. That thick? You really need to have it thick. This is how it's tested. Okay. So when you have SPF tested in an FTA approved lavatory, it's thick as way as white icing, okay, this is your fifty, but there those that are going to walk around and it look like Casper The Ghost no one is going to do that, it's true.

So when you rub it in you are really getting a fraction the number on the bottle so if it says SPF 50 and you rub it in you're really getting an SPF of 15 and the only point I want to emphasize is, rub it in enjoy everything but reapply it more frequently.