How Can I Look Younger Naturally?

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You may not realize your biggest skin and place to be solved right in your own fridge. Here with me is Dr Ellen Marmur, she's the Vice Chair of Cosmetic and Dermatological Surgery at Mount Sinai. So, you prescribe medication and pills and lasers, but is it really true you may have equally affected the solution in some cases right in the fridge? You know we used to call this old wives tales, but now I realize that a lot of what they told us is actually probably very true.

Remember some of these guys? They are curious as they are. [xx] problem for skin, dry flaky skin. What do you recommend for that? Dry flaky skin, let's see what we have. We are going to use today some avocado and some honey. Avocado and honey. Avocado and honey. So, I've got Samantha here.

Samantha is going to help us, she's got flaky dry skin. Are you okay? I'm okay, Dr. Ross. Do you like avocado and honey? Love it. Alright, we going to try it and it's not to eat it though, we're going to put it on you. I can eat it though, too. [xx] we can eat. So, what do we do with the avocado and the honey? Here's is what we're going to do, you're going to cut your avocado avocado in half and just scoop out the fruit of the avocado, and you're going to start stirring in about 1 tablespoon of honey, and make it kind of a nice consistency here.

And I'm going to use two spoons, you can use your fingers. I'm going use the honey straight up. You can use honey straight up actually. You're going to put them right on. Yes, put them right on, that's right and away for me is little bad and we are going to find the gys[sp?] paches[sp?] here, we just going to smear later on.

So, what you put on they cover it, or they don't have to? If it stays on nicely like this you can just leave it on, if you feel more comfortable relaxing with a nice cold wash cloth even if you sock it in green tea, you're going to get even extra caffeine in that, so that would be great, so 10 minutes and you can do this three times a week.

So, how do you feel? It's great. I will eat it and [xx]. We had the whole bowl there, thank you very much just in case some spills. Thank you. Know the next [xx] skin you get facial redness it affects about 60 million Americans. And the thing goes on diagnosed. So, there are lots you could do, Karen is over here.

Hey, Karen. Hi. What if you try pluralization before? Medicated creams, some [xx] kind of soaps and nothing seems to rely to help. Things get very stinky, you right? Yeah. It's going to get rushy. So, that's can avoid it, grab at the fish right there. Today we are going to use some pineapple and cottage cheese.

You are going to take one cup of Cottage cheese and [xx] about a quarter cup of pineapple. Believe it or not the secret of the pineapple is in the rime of the pineapple, the hard fruit part of the pineapple. And then you're going to just mix it all up, and not have too much water in it, and again I'm going to fit it right on you cheek, okay? This looks like dessert, isn't it? It's so amazing.

So, what's happening here is that the pineapple is what juices and vitamins, vitamin C, and it's going to decreases the redness of you skin. It's kind of a secret anti-redness ingredient. And the cottage cheese is like milk, it's going to smooth and calm skin, and so afterward you should have a much more glowing skin.

It actually feels very cool. You felt nice right? Very good great I'll definitely try it. Good luck to you. Thank you. Thanks very much, I appreciate you joining us. Up next we're staying in the kitchen to put your one minute microwave dinners to the test find out which ones are best.