Does a Higher SPF Provide More Sun Protection?

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Many people think a higher SPF in sunscreen means that you are protected, you are to a point but above 50 you really only getting 50 plus, you are not getting 60, 70, 80, 100, 200 it doesn't really mean anything over 50, so you're really your sweet spell when you are buying sunscreen is to go for something that is SPF 30-50 broad spectrum.

That means you're getting sun protection upto 50 times longer than if you had worn nothing. That being said when you test sunscreen it really goes on extremely thick, so SPF 50 means it's 50 times better protected if you really coat your skin, non of us do that, non of us we all evidence, so we are really only getting a fraction of that number. Go for a higher number but no you are only getting a fraction of it, so your SPF 50 might really be an SPF 25.