Can a Sunburn Be Prevented?

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Many of my patients ask, can a Sunburn actually be prevented? The answer is, yes, 1,000%, you should never have a sunburn ever again in your entire life. Sunburns must be prevented. Why is that? Sunburns are really frying your DNA, and that's how mutations happen, and that's why cancer start. I do over a 1,000 skin cancer surgeries every year, and it's really not fun to have skin cancer.

So UV protection especially against sunburns is very, very helpful. All you need to do is have your sunscreens handy, I say, buy three or four of your favorite products and have them easily accessible to you. Put them in your office, in your car, in your purse, in your club, compartment, wherever you want, in your tennis bag, and just make sure that you use them.

If you use your sunscreen every couple of hours, you will never get a sunburn again.