Broad Spectrum

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What does that word actually mean? Broad spectrum means that it's going to protect us from UVA and UVB rays from the sun. In the past, if you wore a sunscreen and you went out and you said, you know what doc, I was really good about it but I still got tan, that's because sunscreen are only good with the burning rays UVB and they didn't really protect us from UVA.

Now we've improved our sunscreens and we can improve the UVA so the broad spectrum is telling you know now that the FTA has approved these sunscreen for both UVA and UVB. So you're protected. So what's the part that you like most the broad spectrum protection? I love Naya 24 here, Naya is a mineral base sunscreen and we've got a whole new group of these mineral based sunscreen, you're going to love how it feels, it goes on white but it rubs in beautifully and it's so so smooth.

I put a little extra on just to tell you that you are supposed to be very generous when you put on your sunscreen and then you rub in very quickly. Is that enough to rub it in? Not enough. Well, if you are good, you are going to have some white left over and some of the sunscreens are alcohol based, so they wont leave a white residue.

But this is a great broad spectrum minera based sunscreen. Perfect. I just want to say one thing, the word prospect was just coming up, so you'll still going to able to get some blocks that say UVA, UVB protection but if they don't say both those things UVA, UVB then better see prospect and we don't want that product.

Don't want it.