All Day Protection

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Finally, last rule to note in order to avoid burning is these kinds of all day protection as you've alluded to is a lie. All Day Protection is only true if you live in a cave, okay. So, if you're going out and you're seeing the light, you're getting UV on your skin. What UV does to your skin is that makes your melanin go up and shield your own DNA.

So, when I see someone who's tan, it's actually an injury to their skin. I don't want to see someone tan, okay? What we need to do is make sure we have something that's really easy to put on, this is a super fast screen watch out, it's going to be like turbo jets. Ready? See that.

It goes on really fast. You can see that like wet coating there, it's coating a whole big area, it's great for running after your kids. You know, someone who's in sunscreen denial anything really gets them. Sunscreen denial. Is that what dermatologists call us? That's what I call it, sunscreen denial.

A very good idea, this is I think a smart idea in [xx] in your kids. Okay.