What Are Inexpensive Treatments for Under Eye Circles and Brown Spots?

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Next up. Sonia is joining us, Sonia, I understand you brought a product to help with your under eye bags and wrinkles, is that correct? Yes I use a lot of concealer and I wanted to basically make them go away, the under eye dark circles and I tend to buy into the wordings on the box, I'm a huge sucker for that and I go with the most expensive usually because I think that maybe it works.

You've accomplished your goal today. Because Sonia came back with an eye product claiming to be the equivalent to eye surgery, equivalent to eye surgery right, and it cost $68. Now the world's cheapest anti-aging product for under eye bags actually cost $3.99, total savings of over $64.

So doc come over, what else could Sonia have purchased to saved her money? Sonia you could've gotten Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel, this is actually a pore perfecting toner. The nice thing about Witch Hazel, it's nature's like best beauty bargain, it's so cheap you can see, but like alcohol, it has an anti-microbial so it will clean your skin, and it's also an astringent so it'll kind of make those blood vessel shrink so it won't look so dark under the eyes.

But it also has an anti-oxidant and an anti-inflammatory and those are going to help depuff the area. Lastly, it actually has some oil in it, so it will moisturize your skin, so it sort of has all these wonderful things for a very small prize tag. Take both of these home. Year supply Thank you.

Alright lastly, Cindy is here, Cindy's brought a [xx] product that she purchased with my credit card for brown spots, and she came back with a skin tone perfecting cream, it cost me $27. Cindy why did you choose that product. Well, besides claiming to get rid of brown spots it also claimed to get rid of pink pigmentation and freckles after a lot of sun bathing I needed that, and also it was expensive so I thought it should work.

All right, so the world's cheapest anti-aging products for brown spots actually cost you about $2.99 a savings of, 24 bucks. Dr. Marmur what else could she have purchased with that money? I love this one, this smells so good, you want to smell it, it's called coco butter. I love it, yeah.

Mm. It smells like the beach but it's not it's actually healthy for you so this is Coco Butter Formula Swivel Sticks. So it looks like you can put it on your lips, but you can actually put it on a brown spot so you can just find a spot and you can mark it. Like you said, you have some red sports maybe some dry spots too, we know that when we actually scratch those spots we leave a brown stain, and this will moisturise it and it'll protect you from scratching your own skin.

It even helps with the vitamin E which is an antioxidant, which will help kind of get rid of blemishes, you won't pick them or pop them, and on the back if you do read those little fine print ingredients it has carotene, which we know has the vitamin A which is like Retin-A which is anti -wrinkle so this is a lovely wonderful bargain for you.

What do you think? Unbelievable. Give her all three. Dr. Marmur thank you for the advice. Thank you very much. Lots of wisdom as always, and in case [xx] bonus tip, the secret anti -aging product that I can not live without. You don't want to miss it. Hope you don't mind.