What Is a Relaxed Vagina?

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I think a relaxed vagina refers to a variety of conditions which may occur in the vagina. As a woman ages after child bearing, or whether she has just carried a pregnancy, or if she is genetically predisposed to prolapse can occur, meaning the bladder comes down a little bit, the rectum comes down and the cervix or the uterus actually comes down, basically gravity ensues, and for some women that can be due to multiple vaginal deliveries, some women it can be due to just the pressure carrying a pregnancy for other women it just may be genetic because we definitely see it amongest families, that some families just are more predisposed to prolapse. It can also refer to a laxity of the opening or the introitus of the vagina can actually become loose due to ageing or due to vaginal deliveries, so vaginal laxity can be to I think refer to a number of conditions for a woman. Some women may experience loss of urine due to vaginal laxity, some women may have pelvic pressure, some women may have pelvic floor dysfunction and problems with intercourse with vaginal laxity and some women may just have a problem with self image actually as they are ageing with vaginal laxity