What Are the Risks Associated with Hormone Therapy to Treat Low Libido in Women?

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Estrogen of course when combined with progestin, the Women's Health initiative study demonstrated to us, that the risk of breast cancer is elevated after a number of years of use of estrogen combined with progestin. Women need progestin with their hormone replacement therapy if they have a uterus in place in order to protect the uterus from developing endometrial cancer.

Estrogen alone however, maybe a little bit better in terms of risk of breast cancer. Estrogen however can increase stroke risk and clot risk so blood clots in the legs or lungs, so that there are risks associated with the use of estrogen and plus, and progesterone. The long term of course, the long term risk of testosterone have not been well studied.

I think we will manage that risk with good counselling so that women, any woman who undecides to use hormone replacement therapy, the risk benefits and alternatives are thoroughly reviewed and discussed with her. The risk is managed by good screening, getting your yearly mamogram, ultrasounds if neccesary, perhaps MRIs if a woman is very elevated risk to develop breast cancer and of course just good dialogue and educating somebody on what other signs and symptoms of a stroke or a blood clot informing women that they should bring those symptoms when they have them immediately to the attention of their physician.