Is It Normal for a Woman's Sex Drive to Change with Age?

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It is normal for some women to have their sex drive take off as they age. It's interesting where to time now where we have viagra, so men don't experience erectile dysfunction to the same degree that they used to. So men continue to be interested in sex they're able to participate in sex with a viagra, so now women more and more especially in my practice won't maintain excellent libido and actual excellent sexual health which is really nice because it allows a nice intimate relationship to continue through out the aging process. We also age differently now, we don't except age in the same way that we used to and along with that come sexual health issues, so women who have low libidos naturally from estrogen levels which are tapering off or testosterone levels which are tapering off, actually won't want to correct them.

They want to keep that part of their life, they want to keep that part of their relationship, so it may be natural now more so than ever I think women want to pay attention to it and work on it. That again can be hormonal treatment, many times it can be relationship counselling, counselling on different ways to engage in sexual activity for some women if they're experiencing pain with intercourse but also many times it can evoke the use of hormones such as estrogen and sometimes actually some women will benefit from testosterone.

Testosterone is used actually for many times off label it is not FTA approved and it was not FTA approved when it came through the FTA a few years ago, but for some women actually increase in testosterone levels maybe quite helpful. The problem with that is we don't have long term studies in terms of the impact on cancer risk and cardiac risk and so that becomes a problem, so it must be used with caution and the realization that it's used off label.