How Can I Stay in Good Sexual Health as I Age?

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Paying attention to it actually. Realizing that sexuality evolves and changes as we age, having a dialogue with ones partner actually is important, and paying attention if a woman is having pain with intercourse, not accepting that pain with intercourse is just a normal part of aging, to review that with her healthcare provider and to see what she can do about it.

I think it's important if a woman remain sexually active as she ages, as she brings up problems if she's having them to her health care provider. Many times in the past we wouldn't query women about their sexual health, it's now part of my when I go through an initial medical history or I follow medical history with the patient, it's part of what I ask about in that intake.

Are you sexually active? Are you having any problems with sexual activity. So I think a good on-going dialogue between a woman and her position or a woman and her partner also is quite important to maintain good sexual health.